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A Dual-RNA Guided CasZ Gene Editing Technology

Biotechnology Medical Research Tools Veterinary

A Micro/Nanobubble Oxygenated Solutions for Wound Healing and Tissue Preservation

Agriculture & Animal Science Biotechnology Materials & Chemicals Medical Nanotechnology Sensors & Instrumentation Veterinary

A New Pharmaceutical Therapy Target for Depression and Other Central Nervous System Diseases

Biotechnology Medical Veterinary

A vaccination strategy against Chlamydia and other sexually transmitted diseases

Biotechnology Materials & Chemicals Medical Security and Defense Veterinary

ADP Glucose Receptor as a Target for Disorders Involving Platelet Aggregation

Medical Research Tools Veterinary

An Improved Cast for Bone Fracture Healing

Medical Veterinary

Antibiotic-Peptide Conjugates With Anti-Microbial Efficiency Against Chronic Infections

Medical Veterinary

Application of Topical Resveratrol in the Treatment of Acne

Agriculture & Animal Science Biotechnology Medical Veterinary

Automated Semen Analysis Using Holographic Imaging

Biotechnology Medical Veterinary

Bidirectional Hyperelastic Covers for Woven Stents

Medical Veterinary