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(In,Ga,Al)N Optoelectronic Devices with Thicker Active Layers for Improved Performance

Energy Semiconductors

6-18 GHz 8-Element SiGe Phased Array Beamformer Chip


A Double-Dose Ebeam Lithograpy Process

Engineering Nanotechnology Semiconductors

A General Solution-Processable Approach To High-Quality Two-Dimensional Ink Materials For Printable High-Performance Large-Area And Low-Cost Electronics/Optoelectronics/Thermoelectrics

Engineering Materials & Chemicals Nanotechnology Semiconductors

A Hybrid Silicon Laser-Quantum Well Intermixing Wafer Bonded Integration Platform

Communications Nanotechnology Optics and Photonics Semiconductors Sensors & Instrumentation

A Low-Cost-Wafer-Level Process For Packaging MEMS 3-D Devices

Materials & Chemicals Semiconductors Sensors & Instrumentation

A Method for Analog-to-Digital Conversion


A Method For Forming Double-gate Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistors


A Method for Making Low-Cost Silicon Devices with Reduced Inactive Area

Energy Engineering Imaging Semiconductors Sensors & Instrumentation

A Methodology for the Design of High-Performance Communication Architectures for System-On-Chips Using Communication Architecture Tuners