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A General Solution-Processable Approach To High-Quality Two-Dimensional Ink Materials For Printable High-Performance Large-Area And Low-Cost Electronics/Optoelectronics/Thermoelectrics

Engineering Materials & Chemicals Nanotechnology Semiconductors

A High Dynamic-Range Sensing Front-End For Neural Signal Recording Systems

Biotechnology Engineering Medical Sensors & Instrumentation

A High-Efficiency 28-GHz Outphasing PA with 23-dBm Output Power Using a Triaxial Balun Combiner


A High-Throughput Platform To Investigate Angiogenesis In Perfused Human Capillaries

Biotechnology Engineering Materials & Chemicals Medical Research Tools

A Highly-Efficient Near-Field Wireless Power Transfer System That Is Immune To Distance And/Or Coupling-Coefficient Variations

Energy Engineering Medical

A Hundred Tiny Hands

Communications Computer Engineering

A Method For Electrochemical Deposition And Modification

Energy Engineering Materials & Chemicals Nanotechnology Sensors & Instrumentation

A Method for Gold Coating of Rare Earth Nano-Phosphors and Uses Thereof

Engineering Imaging Materials & Chemicals Nanotechnology

A Method for Making Low-Cost Silicon Devices with Reduced Inactive Area

Energy Engineering Imaging Semiconductors Sensors & Instrumentation

A Method of Making Carbon Coated Oxides as High-Performance Anode Materials

Engineering Materials & Chemicals Nanotechnology