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(In,Ga,Al)N Optoelectronic Devices with Thicker Active Layers for Improved Performance

Energy Semiconductors

3D Fabrication of Piezoelectric Polymer Composite Materials

Energy Materials & Chemicals

3D Magnetic Topological Structures for Information Storage

Communications Energy Materials & Chemicals Nanotechnology

A Bi-Functional Lewis Base Additive for Microscopic Homogeneity in Perovskite Solar Cells

Energy Engineering Materials & Chemicals

A Broadband Amplifier with Huge Gain-bandwidth Product and Low Power Consumption

Communications Energy Sensors & Instrumentation

A CMOS Compatible Fully-Integrated Switched-Domain Power Inverter Circuit

Energy Engineering

A Compact, Portable, Low-Voltage Linear Photoelectron Accelerator


A Controllable and Robust Cell-Free System for Fatty Acids Production

Biotechnology Energy

A Highly Error-Prone Orthogonal Replication System For Targeted Continuous Evolution In Vivo

Agriculture & Animal Science Biotechnology Energy Materials & Chemicals Medical Research Tools

A Highly-Efficient Near-Field Wireless Power Transfer System That Is Immune To Distance And/Or Coupling-Coefficient Variations

Energy Engineering Medical