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"our Unit" Intranet Suite


2D And 3D Plasma Modeling


A Circuit-Based Scalable and Low-Complex Optical Datacenter Network

Communications Computer

A Hundred Tiny Hands

Communications Computer Engineering

A Learning-Based Approach For Filtering Monte Carlo Noise

Computer Imaging

A Method and Algorithm to Dynamically Learn Heterogeneous Preferences with Clustering Algorithms


A Method of Computational Image Analysis for Predicting Tissue Infarction After Acute Ischemic Stroke

Computer Imaging Medical

A Neuromorphic Robot that Interacts with People Through Tactile Sensing and Bi-directional Learning

Biotechnology Communications Computer Engineering Medical Security and Defense Sensors & Instrumentation

A New Method For Improving 3-D Depth Perception

Computer Imaging Medical Optics and Photonics

A New Method to Reduce Radiation Dose in Multidetector CT while Maintaining Image Quality

Computer Imaging Medical