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3D Magnetic Topological Structures for Information Storage

Communications Energy Materials & Chemicals Nanotechnology

A Broadband Amplifier with Huge Gain-bandwidth Product and Low Power Consumption

Communications Energy Sensors & Instrumentation

A Circuit-Based Scalable and Low-Complex Optical Datacenter Network

Communications Computer

A Digital Polar and a ZVS Contour Based Hybrid Power Amplifier

Communications Materials & Chemicals

A Distance-Immune Low-Power Inductively-Coupled Bidirectional Data Link

Biotechnology Communications

A Hundred Tiny Hands

Communications Computer Engineering

A Hybrid Silicon Laser-Quantum Well Intermixing Wafer Bonded Integration Platform

Communications Nanotechnology Optics and Photonics Semiconductors Sensors & Instrumentation

A Method for Discovering and Downloading Hidden Web Content


A mm-Wave Cascaded Traveling Wave Amplifier Topology for Imaging and Communication Applications

Communications Imaging

A Multi-Band, Inductor Re-Use Low Noise Amplifier