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Quadrature Frequency Modulated Gyroscope (Qfm)

Sensors & Instrumentation

Quality interference from living digital twins in IoT-enabled manufacturing systems

Communications Engineering Sensors & Instrumentation

Quantitative Analysis of Breast Density Morphology Based on MRI

Imaging Medical Optics and Photonics Sensors & Instrumentation

Quantitative Deformability Cytometry: Rapid, Calibrated Measurements Of Cell Mechanical Properties

Engineering Imaging Nanotechnology Sensors & Instrumentation

Quantitative EEG (QEEG) Method to Identify Individuals at Risk for Adverse Antidepressant Effects

Medical Sensors & Instrumentation

Quantitative Multiparametric PET/CT Imaging for Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Diseases

Imaging Medical

Quantitative Peptide Microarray Technology


Quantitative Screening Method for Peptide Identification and Optimization

Biotechnology Medical Research Tools

Quantum Dot Photonic Integrated Circuits

Materials & Chemicals

Quarter-Rate Serial Link Receiver with Low Aperture Delay Samplers for High Data Rate Applications