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Hair Follicle Stem Cell Activation & Hair Growth by Metabolic Regulators


Half-Virtual-Half-Physical Microactuator

Biotechnology Energy Engineering Medical Nanotechnology

Hamster Monoclonal Antibody Reactive With Notch1

Research Tools

Hand Held Aerosol (HFA) Detector


Handheld Blood-Flow Imaging Device

Imaging Medical Sensors & Instrumentation

Handheld Surface Motion Tracking Apparatus And Method

Imaging Medical Sensors & Instrumentation

Haploid Plants through Seeds

Agriculture & Animal Science Biotechnology Research Tools

HCLR: A Hybrid Cross-Layer Routing Protocol For MANETs

Communications Computer Engineering Security and Defense

HDRL: Homogeneous Dual-Rail Logic For DPA Attack Resistive Secure Circuit Design

Computer Security and Defense

Hearing device that amplifies sound using a tympanostomy tube