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Gallium Alloy Nanoparticle Synthesis via Self-Assembled Monolayer Formation and Ultrasound

Materials & Chemicals Nanotechnology Semiconductors

GaN-Based Thermoelectric Device for Micro-Power Generation

Energy Semiconductors

GaN-based Vertical Metal Oxide Semiconductor and Junction Field Effect Transistors

Energy Materials & Chemicals Semiconductors

Gas Power Cycle For Liquid Metal And Molten Salt-cooled Reactors


Gas Separations With Redox-Active Metal-Organic Frameworks

Energy Environment

Gate-Induced Source Tunneling Field-Effect Transistor (Gistfet)

Engineering Nanotechnology Semiconductors

Gated Electrodes For Electrolysis And Electrosynthesis

Energy Engineering Semiconductors

GDOX, A Novel Candidate Proto-Oncogene


Gene Delivery Into Mature Plants Using Carbon Nanotubes

Agriculture & Animal Science Biotechnology Materials & Chemicals Nanotechnology Research Tools

Gene Drive System to Control D. suzukii Flies

Agriculture & Animal Science