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Early Detection of Colon Cancer


Early Detection of Ovarian Cancer Using Markers to Short Chain Carbohydrates

Biotechnology Medical

Early Diagnosis and Treatment for Citrus Greening Disease

Agriculture & Animal Science Biotechnology

Edapt: Enzyme-Directed Assembly of Particle Theranostics

Imaging Materials & Chemicals Medical

Edge Router for Optical Label Switched Network

Communications Computer

Edible Oils to Enhance the Absorption of Orally Administered Steroids Including Neurosteroids

Agriculture & Animal Science Biotechnology Medical

Effective and Scalable Solar Energy Collector and Storage


Efficient And Accurate Undercut Detection System

Computer Materials & Chemicals

Efficient and Stable Perovskite Solar Cells with All Solution Processed Metal Oxide Transporting Layers

Energy Engineering Materials & Chemicals

Efficient Encoding of Genomic Data Using Deduplication

Biotechnology Computer