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Daspk 3.0 And Daspkadjoint: A New Software Package For Simulation and Sensitivity Analysis of Differential-Algebraic Equation Systems


Data Fusion Mapping Estimation

Computer Security and Defense

Data Shepherding: Cache Design For Future Large Scale Chips

Computer Semiconductors

dCas9 Epigenome Editing Toolkit

Biotechnology Materials & Chemicals Medical Research Tools

DCRAM: A VLSI Circuit For Mixed Memory Storage And Polymorphic Logic Computing


Decahydroquinoline-Based Anti-Cholinergic Agents


Decoding Speech Sounds From The Human Brain For A Communication Neuroprosthetic Device


Deep Learning Enhanced Mobile-Phone Microscopy

Imaging Optics and Photonics Research Tools

Deep Learning Microscopy

Biotechnology Imaging Medical

Deep Tissue Optical Microscopy for Multi-Photon Microscope

Engineering Imaging Medical Optics and Photonics