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B-raf/loxp-flanked Mutant Mouse

Research Tools

Backfire-to-endfire Leaky-wave Antenna


Backside-Illuminated Photoelectrochemical (Bipec) Etching


Bacteria from Medicago Root Nodules as Potentialy Useful PPB (Plant Probiotic Bacteria) for Agriculture

Agriculture & Animal Science Biotechnology

Bactericidal Surface Patterns

Engineering Materials & Chemicals Medical Nanotechnology

Balloon Robot


Bandwidth Efficient Source Tracing (Best) for Wireless Networks

Communications Computer Engineering

Bandwidth Improvement And Distortion Reduction In Closed-box Loudspeaker Systems


Batch-processed Magnetic Microactuators

Materials & Chemicals Semiconductors Sensors & Instrumentation

Battery-Aware Energy-Optimal Electric Vehicle Driving Management

Energy Transportation