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A 14.5 pW, 31 ppm/C Resistor-Less 5 pA Current Reference Employing A Self-Regulated Push-Pull Voltage Reference Generator


A Bi-Functional Lewis Base Additive for Microscopic Homogeneity in Perovskite Solar Cells

Energy Engineering Materials & Chemicals

A Bioreactor To Quantify Headspace of Volatile Organic Gases From Cells In Culture

Agriculture & Animal Science Biotechnology Medical Research Tools

A Blood Test to Prognosticate Progression-Free and Overall Survival in Cancer Patients


A Blood-based Diagnostic Test for Early Stage Detection of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)


A Breast Immobilization Device that Improves Radiation Therapy Dosimetry


A Broadband Amplifier with Huge Gain-bandwidth Product and Low Power Consumption

Communications Energy Sensors & Instrumentation

A Cavity-Free Self-Referencing Frequency Comb

Nanotechnology Optics and Photonics Security and Defense

A Cell-Based Seeding Assay for Huntingtin Aggregation

Biotechnology Medical Research Tools

A Circuit-Based Scalable and Low-Complex Optical Datacenter Network

Communications Computer