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3-D Composite Metallodielectric Nanoresonant Array Fabrication With Enhanced Sensing Abilities

Nanotechnology Sensors & Instrumentation

3-D Folded MEMS Technology For Multi-Axis Sensor Systems

Sensors & Instrumentation

3D Bioprinting via Dynamic Optical Projection and Applications Thereof

Materials & Chemicals Research Tools Sensors & Instrumentation

3D Fabrication of Piezoelectric Polymer Composite Materials

Energy Materials & Chemicals

3D Magnetic Topological Structures for Information Storage

Communications Energy Materials & Chemicals Nanotechnology

3D Printer with Improved Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)

Engineering Materials & Chemicals

3D Projection Printing of Concave Hydrogel Microstructures

Materials & Chemicals Research Tools

3D Scaffolds For Mesoderm Differentiation

Biotechnology Engineering Materials & Chemicals Medical

3D System For Differentiation Of Oligodendocyte Precusors From Pluripotent Stem Cells

Biotechnology Materials & Chemicals Medical